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Nobody likes Spam or viruses especially us at Onesmarthost, this is why all our email is processed by a dedicated Mail Foundry appliance to ensure the email which reaches your inbox is as clean as possible.

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Smartermail Enterprise v6.1 Now Available

This morning we have upgraded our Mail Server from SmarterMail Enterprise v5 to v6.1.

The upgrade was successful and all email accounts were migrated to the new v6.1 platform, no changes are currently required in your email clients and you should notice a new and improved webmail interface: http://webmail.onesmarthost.co.uk

Over the next few days we will be putting together instruction guides and perhaps video tutorials on how you can make the most of SmarterMail v6.1 in particular we will be testing and showing you the best way you can perform two way syncs with your favourite mail client Outlook 2007 and Thunderbird.

We are also pleased to now offer customers Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync which will be a paid add-on per mailbox. The Microsoft ActiveSync Add-on brings the speed of the leading over-the-air synchronization technology to Onesmarthost customers. Exchange ActiveSync reduces sync time, extends the battery life of mobile devices, and delivers better syncing for collaboration features than any other platform.

Pricing details on this new add-on will be released later this week.

If you have any questions about the latest upgrade or Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync please let us know.

You can view the key new features to Smartermail V6.1 below.

Enhanced Outlook Synchronization
SmarterMail 6.1 introduces two-way syncing with Microsoft Outlook 2007 without the use of any third party tools, making managing and maintaining calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes faster and more efficient for users.

Improved Message Archiving
Email archiving and retrieval is taken to a new level in SmarterMail 6.1. The new archiving section allows for the more effective search and retrieval of archived email. Businesses required to save emails due to legal and regulatory requirements will find SmarterMail an ideal solution, for compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Health Information Privacy and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and other regulatory requirements.

New Antispam Measures
SmarterMail 6.1 strengthens out-of-the-box spam protection with additional antispam measures, including DKIM spam check, additional grey listing rules, POP message filtering. These additions help to ensure that SmarterMail is the leader in out-of-the-box email spam protection—blocking 97% of spam.

Manage All Email Accounts from One Interface
With the combination of POP importing, IMAP importing, SMTP identities, and multiple signatures—Webmail users can now effectively use one SmarterMail account to manage all of their email accounts. Users can reply using multiple SMTP identities with ease and have immediate access to primary SmarterMail calendars and contacts—allowing full access to all of SmarterMail’s collaboration tools, synchronization features, and more from one Web interface.

Enhanced Webmail and Administration Interface
Dozens of new features have been added to SmarterMail 6.1 to improve the user and administrator experience, including Silverlight reports and charts, new message attachment and attachment thumbnail views, and user-definable columns for contacts, calendars, and tasks.

Included in every plan: Windows 2003, Helm, ASP.NET, MySQL, Wordpress, MODx, PHP
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