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Data Centre – All Clear Notification

We have just received communication from our data centre Rapid Switch that the network issues have now been resolved.

The One Smart Host servers are showing internet connectivity with no drop in connections and being stable for the past 14 hours.

We are still awaiting for confirmation from the data centre for the route cause of the outage, and would we receive this we will be updating all clients with the information along with our action plan for the future.

Our public uptime stats can be accessed here: Uptime Stats

Previously we used to pause stats during maintenance windows, however in light of the recent events we will no longer be pausing uptime stats during maintenance periods and will be writing an uptime SLA, so that we can aim to offer clients a minimum uptime guarantee and compensate clients when we do not meet this target.

Our aim will be to provide a service to customers with an uptime guarantee between 99.7% – 100% per month.

Further information will follow shortly.

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