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SmarterStats has been upgraded to v4

This morning we have completed the upgrade of our existing SmarterStats Server to the latest version v4.

SmarterStats v4 is a Web log analytics tool that delivers relevant, accurate and detailed Web site statistics to help businesses increase conversions and maximise ROI.

With SmarterStats you can:

  • Use Web site statistics to analyse the performance of marketing campaigns
  • Measure Web site visitor traffic without spider and bot pollution
  • Use data mining to identify the most popular pages of their Web site
  • Determine the Web pages that search engines are indexing
  • Discover how visitors navigate their Web site
  • Track the referring pages and searches that brought visitors to their site
  • Analyse Web site performance and page load times

The main features of the new SmarterStats are:

  • New Optimised Interface Design
  • Advanced Charts and Graphs
    Advanced dynamic Charts and Graphs have been added using Microsoft Silverlight
  • Enhanced Reports
    More than 30 new reports have been added - bring the total number of available reports to more than 100.
  • Spider and Bot Identification and Reporting
    The ability to isolate and separate spider traffic gives individuals the power to see into search engine methods (e.g., Google, Yahoo!, MSN Live, and Ask), Reporting is now separated between real visitor data and spider/bot traffic. New spider report items have been added for a total of 15 spider report items.
  • Additional Geographic Items and Reports
    SmarterStats provides the ability to visually see website performance graphically and to allow the identification of markets across borders and without boundaries. New geographic report items (including breakdowns by city) have been added for a total of 18 geographic report items.

SmarterStats is free to all customers of OneSmartHost

Included in every plan: Windows 2003, Helm, ASP.NET, MySQL, Wordpress, MODx, PHP
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